Consortia Webinar

Introduction to Consortiums Webinar

Randy Schwartz introduced the subject of consortiums by describing what Dakota MEP has been doing with the Lean Enterprise Certification Program. We've been bringing together multiple companies to learn Lean, not only from the instructors, but from each other. However, this multiple company learning format could be taken to a much higher level. Bob Kerr and Dave Hogg from High Performance Solutions, Inc., presented on what they have been doing in North America, with High Performance Manufacturing Consortiums to achieve this higher level of learning, enabling the participating companies to better compete globally. They have been successfully organizing manufacturers into company-led consortiums for over 30 years.

We believe High Performance Manufacturing Consortiums are a natural fit for advancing the Dakota MEP mission with manufacturers in this region. To learn more, please view the webinar presentation, and download the slides as needed.

Click here to view "Introduction to Consortia Development" slides, presented by Randy Schwartz.

Click here to view "Consortia Development - Learning How to Compete and Win" slides, presented by Bob Kerr and Dave Hogg.

Webinar Recording: To view full screen, please click on the four arrows in the lower right-hand corner.


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