Supplier Scouting Opportunities

Please review the following list of needs below. This list will be updated as new information is provided from the MEP National Network. Please check back. 

If you are interested in responding, please respond in one of the following options:

  1.  Online Form
  2.  Word Document - return completed document to Laurie at Impact Dakota (lauries@impactdakota.com)


Supplier Scouting Number Description of Need
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Date Posted Status
2020-001 Plastic Bottles for Hand Sanitizer 4/2/2020 Closed
2020-002 Elastic for Face Mask Use 4/13/2020 Closed
2020-003 Bottles with Closure (ND Company) 4/15/2020 Closed
2020-004 Non woven polypropylene (NWPP) fabric for surgical masks 4/20/2020 Closed
2020-005 Clear Medical Face Shield Material 4/24/2020 Closed
High Priority RFI Request for Information (RFI) for portable dialysis therapy devices - Deadline April 30th. 4/28/2020 Closed
2020-006 Non-woven Cotton For Filters 5/01/2020 Closed
2020-007 Compression Molded Rubber Bases 5/11/2020 Closed
2020-008 Alternative Flour Shelf-Stable Gluten-Free Pasta 5/12/2020 Closed
2020-009 Marine Dock Fender System 5/29/2020 Closed
2020-010 Medical Device Injection/Compression Molding Scouting Opportunity 6/1/2020 Closed
2020-011 Color-shifting polymer films containing embossed microstructure arrays 6/2/2020 Closed
2020-012 Free Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 6/9/2020 Closed
2020-013 LCD Display  160 x 160 Pixel 6/15/2020 Closed
2020-014 Calving Prediction Device - Battery 07/08/2020 Closed
2020-015 Calving Prediction Device - Neck Strap 07/07/2020 Closed
2020-016 Back Bar Freezer 07/14/2020 Closed
2020-017 Automated Inventory Management System 07/21/2020 Closed
2020-018 Lotion Application Sponges 07/30/2020 Closed
2020-019 Puzzle Manufacturers 08/12/2020 Closed
2020-020 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 8/18/2020 Closed
2020-021 Meltblown Material 8/26/2020 Closed
2020-022 6oz Ringneck Glass Bottles for Hot Sauce Production 9/11/2020 Open