Leadership for Operational Excellence (LOE) is an intensive, interactive program that will challenge and develop leaders in your organization. 

Over the next five to ten years, 48% of the Executive Leaders will be leaving, through retirement, death or just wanting a less complicated career. Also, 70% of American workers are disengaged due largely to poor leadership. Of companies surveyed, here were their largest concerns for the future: employee engagement and productivity - 39%; retaining key talent - 26%; developing leaders - 24%. Leadership remains the number one talent issue facing organizations around the world with 86% calling it urgent; if not important.

This program is designed to develop the executive leaders for tomorrow at all levels within the organization.

From day one, students learn about their leadership styles and are taught to understand their current limitations and to see their growth potential. Each class is designed to build on previous classes through homework and a hands-on project that reinforces course objectives.

The program has five modules:

Module 1: Leadership Basics

Module 2: Communication

Module 3: Leadership Styles

Module 4: Change Management


Module 5: Strategic Leadership


Flexible Schedule 


We recommend the topics within each module be taught up to four hours each. These four hours sessions can take place on one day or spread over two days.  Ideally, the training occurs every other week, allowing students time to study and complete assignments.

In addition to rapid learning sessions, each session will include building an implementation plan and on-going follow-up coaching as required and is typically 30, 90 and 180 days.

The program is also designed to be modular and will be taught at the pace that is appropriate for the individuals and organization. Although there is a recommended timeline for the completion of each class and overall modules, extra time will be given as necessary for maximum learning.

Schedule Your Assessment

  • Classes can begin at anytime
  • Multiple classes are acceptable
  • Investment includes instructor, materials, travel, and lodging for in-person classes/workshops
  • Classes are customized to your need(s)
  • Training can be through module order or specific instruction
  • Bundling of additional Impact Dakota services can provide additional discounts

To schedule your assessment, contact Jodie Mjoen at jodiem@impactdakota.com or 701-712-1646.

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