Impact Dakota is proudly supported by two major investors: the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Extension Partnership program (NIST MEP) and the North Dakota Department of Commerce, and works collaboratively with many regional partners and affiliates.    



Major Investors


NIST MEP - Impact Dakota Partners

NIST MEP invests financial resources in a network of 60 centers (at least one in every state) dedicated to helping manufacturers better invest in their futures, increase productivity, improve profitability and enhance economic competitiveness. This national knowledge sharing network links thousands of manufacturers and technical experts across the country committed to growing American manufacturing.  MEP practitioners and affiliates serve over 25,000 manufacturers annually.  

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State of North Dakota Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce
State of North Dakota

The mission of the Department of Commerce is to lead North Dakota's efforts to attract, retain and expand wealth. They target five industries to broaden the state's economic base, create new wealth and generate quality jobs including (1) value-added agriculture, (2) advanced manufacturing, (3) technology-based business, (4) tourism and (5) energy. 

Impact Dakota is the advanced manufacturing program they support and invest in to build the industry.  

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In addition to the Major Investors, Impact Dakota develops relationships with organizations most able to align resources (time, treasure and talent) with us in order to help us carry out a common mission of developing manufacturing and other new wealth creating industries.  Activities include working together to develop and deliver services, hosting special events (like Manufacturing Day), conferences, events, and webinars and/or workshops. 

Here are some examples: 




Enterprise Minnesota

Develop Manufacturers in the Region

Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce

Manufacturing Industry Advocacy and Development

Job Service North Dakota

Manufacturing Workforce Development

Manitoba - Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Develop Regional Manufacturers In Common

Minn Dak Manufacturing Association

Manufacturing Networking, Promotion

Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

Develop Manufacturers in the Region 

National Association of Manufacturers

Manufacturing Industry Advocacy

North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization

Develop Value Added Ag Manufacturers

North Dakota Petroleum Council

Manufacturing Synergies with Oil & Gas Industry

North Dakota Safety Council

Improve Workplace Productivity, Safety

North Dakota Trade Office

Global Business Development

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Develop Manufacturing Capabilities 

South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions

 Develop Manufacturers in the Region

USDA Rural Development

Rural Energy for America Program


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