Performance: Growth & Innovation

What makes your organization meaningfully unique to your customers?
What differentiates you from your competition?
What are you doing to stay in front of them both?

Innovation is no longer just a buzzword, it has become a necessity for a business to remain in business and growing. 

Businesses that master innovation experience 84% more sales growth, 96% higher profit margin growth, and 63% more employee growth. Impact Dakota will guide you in developing and building a culture of innovation.  Our services include the development of an innovation system for new products, services, and processes, the leveraging of technology, and entering of new markets:

  • ExporTech Program: This program is designed to help your company strategically enter or expand into global markets. Utilizing a team of exporting resources and experts, your company will develop a customized international growth plan to begin or increase exporting efforts at an accelerated rate. Learn more.
  • Innovation Engineering Management System (IEMS): IEMS establishes a systematic approach to innovation using the scientific method for accelerating the development and implementation of products and services into the market while reducing your risk. Learn more.
  • Lean Product Development: Doing more with less has become a mandate for virtually every organization. Lean Product Design and Development methods and principles help you to reduce time to market, improve resource utilization, and reduce new product development risk. Learn more.