5, May 2023

Communication is Key to Successful Strategic Plan Implementation

Communication is Key to Successful Strategic Plan Implementation

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Hello, my name is Lyle Arnold, I am a senior Business Advisor with Impact Dakota.  I started with Impact Dakota on September 1, 2022, and my main focus is to help companies align the strategic plan they are working toward and help develop their workforce to be enabled and empowered with communication & collaboration.

Alignment and Timing = Optimized Performance.

Where do most companies fall short after they have had a strategic planning meeting? 

  • When leadership develop strategies that will change how the business operates, they often underestimate the impact it has on people.
  • There is a cause and effect of change.
  • You must understand what the new change will affect and the impact it will have to your culture.
  • People are affected the most and they need to be engaged early in the process.
  • The changes can be easy to implement; it is how we prepare our people for it!

We as leaders must take ACTION once we create the Strategic Plan.

Understanding how we communicate to our employees to get the buy-in for the plan that we are putting in place. 

Let me help you walk through the process and make a change for the better. 

We offer Strategy classes that help you develop your Strategic Objectives and follow-on classes to put those Strategic Objectives to Action.  Always remember “HOW DOES THIS AFFECT MY EMPLOYEES”.  Communication is the key!!!

Need help getting the communication from your departments and work cells in your factory?

Ask me about Optimizing Tactical Performance Constraint Operations Huddles.

We offer an extensive training where we will work with the leaders from line supervisors and management staff to develop beginning of day and end of day huddles in each area. Each area reports out to the next tier level management and escalates any constraints or help needed.  This is proven when building employee empowerment and enabling employees.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.  (701)-425-3286.


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