23, January 2020

ExporTech 2020

ExporTech 2020

Impact Dakota, Import/Export IQ, LLC, and the ND Trade Office, along with the support from a number of planning partners and sponsors, will be holding ExporTechTM. This proven program is designed to help North Dakota manufacturers and other interested companies who want to be proactive internationally by helping them boost their sales through profitable exports. The program will begin in March 2020.

ExporTech™ is a structured process that helps companies enter or expand in global markets. The program assists participating companies in developing an international growth plan, provides experts who will vet their plans, and connects the companies with organizations that will help them move quickly beyond planning to actual export sales in approximately 10 weeks. This hands-on, content rich program involves a unique combination of innovative group sessions and individualized coaching that takes place between three, day-long training sessions. The dates for the 2020 sessions are February 12, March 18, and April 22. The program is limited to eight non-competing companies – ideally with two or three leaders from each company attending. Registration for eligible companies is on a first-come first-serve basis, apply at

Since 2006, more than 230 ExporTech™ programs have been delivered in 36 states and Puerto Rico with over 1,170 participating companies, with many generating export sales in three to six months. On average, participating companies generate $500,000 - $700,000 average sales increase / retention; $91,000 average cost and investment savings; $600 Million in total program sales (new/retained); 5 new jobs per company. North Dakota has held nine ExporTechTM programs since 2009.

“I recommend ExporTech for any business looking to expand their export markets. The program delivers your business a competitive advantage – in knowledge, insight, connections and support. ExporTech will move your business years ahead of the competition,” says Sharon May, ExporTech Facilitator.

According to Paul Lucy, Impact Dakota Business Development Advisor, “The ExporTech™ program spurs international networking, and can lead to the development of new processes, technologies, skills, and product applications for North Dakota businesses.”

Past participant Kevin Christensen from Palmer Bit Company, in Williston says, “The knowledge and positive impact on Palmer Bit Company from ExporTech will be felt for years. I am looking forward to sending my sons.”

In addition to Impact Dakota, Import/Export IQ, LLC, and the North Dakota Trade Office, the primary ExporTech™ planning partners include Impact Dakota’s federal partner, NIST/MEP, the North Dakota Department of Commerce, and FedEx. 

Impact Dakota is the official representative of the MEP National Network in North Dakota.

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