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Servant Leadership - Turning leadership on its head

Servant leadership is more than an idea or concept.  When blended into the culture of an organization, it is a way of life throughout the organization.  It transcends into the way you do business and it creates a rich blend of collaboration and partnership well beyond the basic client/customer relationship.

The following short article discusses the importance of servant leadership in today’s environment.

Posted on June 22, 2011 // By Adil Wali // In Entrepreneurship    

Sometimes the concept of servant leadership doesn’t get enough attention. When it does, most people unBlog_-_Conference_Info_Tony.pngderstand the buzz wordiness of it but not its actual meaning and somehow like it to the “Are you a maker or a manager?” question.

The key to fully understanding servant leadership is captured in its subtlety. A lot of people who don’t appreciate the human side of life may think it’s just another “touchy-feely” concept that doesn’t mean anything.

Turning leadership on its head

Traditionally, leadership meant “I’m on top because I lead you.” Servant leadership flips that on its head; it’s about me serving my employees, not them serving me. It’s about the people who work WITH you not the people who work FOR you, so in that sense, it’s a paradigm shift that means looking at leadership with a different set of lenses and saying “I’m here to make these people lives better – I work for THEM”.

Servant leadership is about putting the people you manage first.

I hope you plan to attend the session on Servant Leadership as we will go beyond the basics and provide an overview to how the servant leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. 

Hope to see you in the session!

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