28, September 2015

Southwest Area Manufacturers Expo

The goal of the Southwest Area Manufacturers Expo is to educate students on the manufacturing industries in the Southwest region and how they can provide greater career opportunities.  The target audience for the October 7th event is educators, students, parents and job seekers.  They are hosting an Educator’s Luncheon and then a public Expo from 2pm to 5:30pm at 398 State St. in Dickinson. 

 The Expo will showcase company products and processes which are vital to the communities and demonstrate what modern manufacturing looks like today.  It will also provide job seekers an opportunity to learn more about the types of jobs available and the benefits typically offered by the participating companies.  The manufacturers participating in the Expo activities are:  Baker Boy, Fisher Industries, Funshine Express, Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Medora Corporation, Steffes Corporation, Stone Mill, Inc., and TMI Systems Design Corporation. 

Baker Boy manufactures premium bakery products for foodservice, bakery, C-store and private label customers across the U.S.  Operating in a 135,000 square foot facility with technologically advanced production equipment, they produce over 50,000 cases of product per week. 

Fisher Industries’ corporate headquarters is in Dickinson where they manufacture aggregate processing equipment.  In addition, they have Fisher Sand & Gravel Co., General Steel & Supply Co., and Fisher Equipment Support – all in North Dakota.    

Funshine Express is unconventional when you think of a manufacturer.  They develop preschool curriculum kits and infant/toddler curriculum kits for ages 6 months to 5 years, meeting national and state standards. 

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer of electronic circuit board assemblies, cable, harnesses, and ground support equipment primarily for commercial and military aerospace.  They have facilities in Dickinson, Hettinger, Killdeer, and Regent.     

Medora Corporation is a world leader in sustainable reservoir water quality improvement, with low energy or chemical use.  They have 70 employees and operate from a 45,000 square foot facility in Dickinson.

Steffes Corporation is a diverse company located in both Dickinson and Grand Forks.  They are known for their manufactured products and technical services in areas such as: heaters, flare systems, automation and control systems, treater and separator systems, steel berms, walkways, stair cases, cattle guards, and berm walkovers.  

Stone Mill, Inc. processes brown and golden flax seeds and packages them for the bulk food industry.  It is located in Richardton. 

TMI Systems Design Corporation is a leading manufacturer of institutional laminate casework products for the health care and laboratory markets. They are proud of their modern, attractive, and state-of-the-art facilities.     

Tomorrow we’ll focus on an event on the opposite side of the state.

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