Marketing Decisions

Session Description:
Regardless of whether a new organization is developing a brand-new marketing plan or if an established organization is tweaking or re-creating a plan that already exists, any effective marketing plan is built on the core fundamentals. Most marketing decisions fall into one of four main categories. These categories are known as the four P’s: product, price, place and promotion.  In this two hour session you will learn the basic fundamentals of effectively marketing a product or service.

Learning Objectives:  for you to be able to answer these questions

  • Apply Basic Problem Solving to the Marketing Decision Formula
  • Learn the basic decision making process
  • Master how to create Marketing Action Plans
  • Conduct an Industry Analysis
  • Learn how to determine your organization’s Unique selling proposition

Session Length: 2 Hours

For more information, contact Jodie Mjoen at or 701-712-1646.

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