May 21, 2018

Delusional Excellence

Most manufacturers are working diligently on “getting better.” The question is: for what purpose? I’m frequently told that cost reduction and implementing employee ideas are the goals, and they’re not bad reasons to take action. They are not, however, the reason your business exists. Focusing on them is nice but does not assure the future of your business or engagement of your employees.

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All Around the Kitchen: Tales of a Kitchen Remodel Sourced in the U.S.

Without manufacturing, the room where you make dinner would be rather stark and barren. There’d be no pots, no pans, no stoves, no spatulas, no appliances – big or small. There’d be no way to prepare the meals that give you and your family sustenance. With no counter, there wouldn’t even be a place to set down your coffee cup!

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Family Friendly Factory Tours

It’s spring break for my 6-year-old grandson Bruce, and I’m spending the week with him in Oakland, California. What to do? We make a couple of trips to the park, looking for rocks on Treasure Island (that was a bust). When did the days get so long?

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy American Made  USA Products

“Buy Made in the USA Products ” and “Buy American” might sound like nothing more than a slogan advanced by American manufacturers to sell made in the USA products. But the truth is that there are many reasons to consider buying American-made clothing, American made toys, and other US-manufactured goods.

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Words Should Matter to Leaders

In an exchange with a colleague the other day, I shared a phrase my grandmother often used to say, “nothing’s so bad it can’t get worse.” Throughout my life, I have thought about those words and how grateful I am to have never adopted such an outlook on how I lead or live my life.

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