13, March 2019


FBI InfraGard Training Webinar: The Legal CYA FAQ - Considerations, Misconceptions, and Advantages of Early Information Sharing

Event Start: 03/25/2019 2:00 PM Eastern
Event End: 03/25/2019 3:00 PM Eastern

Private sector partners sometimes encounter misunderstandings among other corporate departments (or their own) that impact information sharing or operational partnerships with law enforcement. This webinar, presented by the FBI’s Office of Private Sector and Office of General Counsel, will tackle some of the most common questions the FBI receives from security professionals and lawyers across the country, including options for reporting; C-Suite investigative updates; victim consent and initial conversations with the FBI; publicity, liability, and corporate reputation; compliance referrals; discovery; and the protection of trade secrets and intellectual property during a prosecution.

Many of these inquiries have been worked through time and again nationwide, with corporate lawyers and other executives being tremendous advocates for mutual cooperation. Nonetheless, companies often have concerns about sharing information or calling law enforcement even when they are the victim of a crime. This discussion will explore such practical issues from all perspectives and will outline how to turn the initial hesitation and “hard discussions” into extremely productive results for both our country’s security and the company’s bottom line.

This webinar is open to all business professionals, and InfraGard members can forward the invitation to any trusted interested colleagues. Connection and dial-in details will be delivered via an automatic email from the Zoom software after registration.

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