17, August 2018


Northern Plains Manufacturers Association

Northern Plains Manufacturers Association

Manufacturing companies in North Dakota are a significant contributor to the state’s economy.  We employ over 24,500 people and contribute $3.71 billion of output.  It is important for manufacturers in North Dakota to have a voice in our state and federal government and to work with regulatory agencies to ensure fair treatment. Northern Plains Manufacturing Association (NPMA) was formed to take on this important role of promoting and advocating for our sector of the economy.  NPMA will keep on top of critical industry issues and the potential impacts of policy proposals that could affect your business. NPMA will provide daily representation during sessions, creating, monitoring and tracking manufacturing bills.  

Employee health benefits are crucial to attracting and retaining talent for manufacturers.   NPMA is addressing this need as well with an Association Group Health Insurance Plan.  Small to mid-size manufacturers can see a significant cost benefit by joining this trade association group plan.  As a Board Member and manufacturer, I urge all manufacturers to find out more about NPMA and how joining could positively impact your operation.  

Lucy Spiekermeier
General Manager

Giant Snacks, Inc.


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