10, September 2018


Why Join NPMA?

Why Join NPMA?

Financial Benefits of Membership

NPMA will negotiate deals with suppliers of the products and services that their members will utilize or use on a regular basis. One important example is group health insurance. NPMA is creating an Association Group Health Insurance Plan that will be available to NPMA members on January 1, 2019.  Many North Dakota Trade Associations are offering Member Groups Health Insurance through an Association Health Plan, with participating members enjoying lower premiums, better benefits, a larger selection of plans, and relief from the burdensome regulatory headaches created by the Affordable Care Act.

By joining NPMA, you will have an attractive alternative to your current health plan. In addition, firms with Grandfathered Health Plans will be able to keep the plan design they have, but without the Grandfathering requirements. The new Blue Cross / Blue Shield rates will be out soon. Contact Middaugh Benefits Consulting at 701-235-7023 if you would like a quote and/or have not signed the release form yet. 


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