No-Cost On-Site Assessments

Companies are challenged with continuously reducing cost, increasing flexibility, and decreasing lead times while still providing their customers with high-quality products.  In an effort to help North Dakota’s manufacturers, Impact Dakota is expanding its on-site, no-cost assessment of your manufacturing business to identify and discuss opportunities that can help with improved productivity of your resources.  The approach to this assessment is based on principles of LEAN manufacturing which focuses on reduction of wastes helping companies achieve higher levels of productivity in their production and operations.
As part of this assessment, in a very friendly but purposeful way, the Impact Dakota staff walk the shop floor to observe, evaluate, and discuss your production and supporting operations. Following the on-site visit a brief summary report reflecting observations and outline of recommendations will be provided. 
Following is a list of critical areas for most manufacturing businesses, some of which will be evaluated as part of this assessment.
  • Manufacturing Lead Times and Throughput
  • On-Time Delivery and Quality
  • Production Capacity & Planning, Pull/Kanban System
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Inventory Including Raw Materials, Work-In-Process (WIP), and Finished Goods
  • Materials Replenishment System
  • Facility Layout, Product Flow and Movement, Travel Distances, Square Footage Utilized
  • Equipment Downtimes Including Setups, Input Quality, and Waits
  • Internal Talent Development and Employee Involvement
  • Workplace organization (5s) and Visual Control
  • Supplier(s) Issues
  • Other Relevant Areas

If you would like to learn more, or schedule an assessment, please contact Impact Dakota.

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