Lean Simulation

Lean Simulation

Lean simulation helps break down employees’ natural resistance to change, making it a practical and entertaining way to introduce new concepts, open constructive dialogue and demonstrate the positive aspects of well-planned directed change. Employees involved in this simulation see why lean production methodologies is necessary. It helps to remove their fears regarding change and encourage them to identify non-value added activity. 

Using this fictional aircraft factory simulation also specifically teaches advanced manufacturing practices, including:

  • The benefits of cellular manufacturing over traditional plant layouts
  • The effects of rapid throughput with traditional manufacturing
  • Work-in-progress as a manageable asset
  • Inventory risks
  • Independent cross training
  • Flexible workforce (load leveling)
  • One-piece workflow with a pull system

Participants operate simulated workstations along the assembly line in their imaginary aircraft plant. The four-phase simulation begins with participants producing airplanes using a traditional plant layout. In phases two and three, they redesign their work area into a cellular layout and learn to utilize one-piece workflow with a pull system. In the final phase, they experience the concepts of a flexible workforce and load leveling. Supplier problems, labor skills, deadlines, quality control and other real-life situations have been incorporated into each phase of the simulation. Each phase lasts six minutes with time for comments and discussion.

Click below to watch a video demonstration. 

LEGO Airplane Simulation from Chandos Construction on Vimeo.

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