Automate ND

What is Automate ND?

Automate ND is designed to provide financial support to North Dakota PSC businesses who are facing a workforce shortage. The funds may be used for the purchase or lease of machinery, equipment, and software (upfront configuration/setup costs) to automate existing processes to increase output per employee and provide opportunities for upskilling.​

Automate ND aims to achieve several key objectives:​​

Increase productivity per employee: Automation can help businesses produce more goods and services with fewer workers.​ ​

Create upskilling opportunities: Businesses can use grant funds from the Technical Skills Training Grant (track C) to conduct a feasibility study on the purchase of automation equipment and train their employees on how to operate and maintain the new equipment.​​

Improve employee satisfaction: Automation can help to reduce repetitive tasks and create a safer work environment for employees.​​

Boost state GDP: Increased productivity from automation can lead to higher company profits and increased economic growth for North Dakota.​

To be eligible for the Automate ND Grant Program, businesses must:​

1. Be registered in North Dakota.​

2. Be a Primary Sector Certified business.​

3. Have fewer than 500 employees regardless of location (tourism businesses are not eligible).​

4. Complete a third-party feasibility study that assesses the project's impact on productivity, workforce needs, and return on investment (ROI).​ Impact Dakota is a ND Department of Commerce Approved provider. Contact Lyle (701-425-3286) or Reese (701-450-8979) to learn more and get added to the schedule. 


  • Applications will be accepted from March 21st to May 30th, 2024.​
  • Evaluation period June 1st – July 1st.​
  • Notification of Awards – July 15th.​​


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