Skill Development in Leading and Communicating With Others

Are personality conflicts causing you to lose employees?

Are you experiencing high employee absenteeism and grievances?

Are you frustrated dealing with constant bickering between employees?

effective job relationsThe Skill Development in Leading and Communicating With Others program teaches how to understand people on all levels and deals with the leadership issues of motivation and problem solving using a standardized process. The course emphasizes that people must be treated as individuals and gives managers and supervisors a solid foundation for developing and maintaining good relations to prevent and address problems.  In many cases it will reduce your employee turnover rate by 25%. As a result, you realize increased productivity, improved quality, and a safer work environment while building the leadership capabilities of those most responsible for growing the organization through people.

The program is customized to meet your company’s specific training needs and schedule. It is generally delivered for two hours per day over five days with a strong emphasis placed on building the learned skills through the application of a 4 Step Method to real jobs. Impact Dakota will work with your company to:

  1. Include sample people problems from your company and/or your industry within the training materials.Effective Job Relations
  2. Strengthen training with learn by doing activities at your company’s work site. Prior to training, real people problems are specifically identified to focus the learning on what is important to the company.  Greater success is achieved as participants are working on improving real relationships.
  3. Customize scheduling to match the availability and needs of your company’s participants. These customizations minimize disruption to the workers and their schedule while maximizing learning in the field.
  4. Select and develop three champions within your company in order to continue to apply, develop and sustain the skills and methods learned.
  5. Build measures and targets to help each company determine the benefits they are achieving as a result of implementation.

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