ISO 9001:2015 and Registration Compliance Preparation Program

Are your customers demanding you become ISO certified and you’re not sure where to start?

Are you struggling to design an ISO compliant quality program?

quality goalsISO 9001 is the globally recognized, universally accepted quality system standard. Thousands of companies in well over 100 countries have embraced ISO because it manages quality, reduces costs, and, in many cases, is demanded by customers and mandated by government bodies.  Impact Dakota can help you to design an ISO compliant quality program tailored around your existing quality system and business needs. 


Developing your program involves a four-pronged approach:

  1. The Gap Analysis will indicate the steps needed to bring your present processes and ISO 9001:2015 requirements into alignment. 
  2. Next, a brief training session with your team will allow you to maintain your gains. 
  3. Once the plan is in place we will work with your team to implement your quality management system, which will include a corporate quality manual. 
  4. Finally, we will perform an internal audit to ensure that you’ve met each and every ISO 9001:2015 requirement.

At that point you can ask a Registrar to audit your quality management system for compliance. If they approve, they will issue a certificate to you and record your registration.

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