Board of Directors

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Board of Directors: Erika Bauer - Secretary

President of Operations
Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc.

Erika Bauer is the President of Operations for Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc. (KMM), a 450-employee aerospace electronics contract manufacturer with three locations in North Dakota and one location in Texas. Erika is responsible for leading KMM in their innovation and fabrication of top-quality aerospace products for various customers around the globe, for both commercial and military applications. Born and raised in Killdeer, Erika attended North Dakota State University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in managerial logistics. She started at KMM after college where she spent 10 years in supply chain before moving into her current role. She obtained her Professional Engineer certification in industrial engineering through the state of ND in 2018 after seven years in the aerospace industry. Erika currently resides in Killdeer with her husband, Travis, and their three young children, and enjoys volunteering at her local parish church.