Are you struggling with your employee suggestion system?
Are your employees just not good at solving problems quickly? 
Are you frustrated by the inability to sustain or to continue improving your organization’s processes?  
quick and easy kaizen

Impact Dakota’s Quick & Easy Kaizen program is a standardized idea system which promotes the personal growth of your employees and the company, provides idea guidance for employee’s, eliminates or reduces operational wastes, and improves organizational safety.  The basics of the program are simple:  it encourages every employee to come up with ideas – however small – to improve their job activity, job environment, or company process, and then empowers them to make the change immediately. 

Let’s make a distinction: Quick & Easy Kaizen is an idea system, not a suggestion system.  Companies have had varying degrees of success with suggestion systems, and they tend to emphasize big ideas.  Quick & Easy Kaizen emphasizes continuous improvement through the smallest of ideas – although big ideas are fine too!  

This system can be used for overall company improvement, or target specific areas of concern, such as finding ways to reduce safety incidents, cut costs or waste in a specific department, or to kick off special initiatives, such as implementing a “green” company focus. Benefits you will realize from implementing Quick & Easy Kaizen are:

  • Top line growth and profitability
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Faster throughput and productivity
  • Improved:
    • Communications
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Quality
    • Safety
    • Employee engagement
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Work environment

Priming the Pump Workshop

This half-day Impact Dakota workshop is designed as a direct-observation program based on the “Ohno Circle”, practiced at Toyota Motor Company, to quickly help your employees become more creative and build their problem solving skills.  Using videos of processes from their own jobs, they learn how to use their own creativity to identify problems, come up with simple solutions, using minimal investments.  The result is the development of an workforce of every-day problem solvers.

quick and easy Kaizen

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